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Maps are the most frequently used tool in travel decision making.

With most official visitor maps failing to meet consumer expectations, they lead visitors to use maps that are not managed by local authorities.

Wander offers a cutting-edge solution to the problem of ineffective visitor maps, giving back control to destination authorities.

The Wander Experience


Bring together important stakeholders to collect and curate the best and most relevant information for your visitors, so they always have access to the most current and helpful information on your map.

- Manage Permissions

- Invite Collaborators

- Real-Time Updates


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Publish your map to the Wander Mobile App, giving travelers around the world the opportunity to use Wander to explore and enjoy your destination in a modern, intuitive app experience.

- Offline 3D Terrain & GPS

- Intuitive Trip Planning

- Real-Time GPS Tracking


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Quickly and easily incorporate interactive maps into your website, blog posts, short form videos, press releases, print materials, and more.

- Lists

- Itineraries

- Experience Trails


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Partner with Wander to promote your map to travelers with co-branded content and campaigns across Wander's partnership channels. 

Work with stakeholders to place Table Tents and QR Displays in hotels, short term rentals, visitor centers, and more.

- QR Code Displays

- Social Campaigns

- Press Releases

- Stakeholder Engagement




Wander allows destinations to collect, analyze, and learn from visitor movement and behavior analytics.

- Map Engagement & Usage

- Common Searches

- Most Popular Places & Categories

- Map User Location




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